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Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

In wisdom tooth extraction, wisdom tooth is removed surgically. It may be required when patients need orthodontic care, feel impactions, or when patients just don’t have enough space to erupt a tooth fully.

When do you need Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

Some patients face problems just at the onset of eruption of wisdom teeth. Some may never have any problem with it. However, it doesn’t mean the teeth would not cause any damage. Here are some of the cases when you need wisdom tooth extraction –

Problem in eating and/or pain – When the teeth change its position, it can disrupt bite balance and pressurizes some teeth and jaw point. As a result, it causes –

  • Problem in chewing
  • Symptoms like toothache due to additional
  • Pressure to the teeth
  • Headaches and jaw pain

Impaction – Wisdom teeth impaction can affect gum tissue or jawbone. It can cause –

  • Bad breath
  • Painful, swollen, bleeding gums
  • Swollen, painful, and stiff jaw
  • Problem in opening mouth

Incorrect/Improper growth – When there is no enough space left in the mouth to hold wisdom teeth, they can shift in the dentition and lead to crooked and crowded teeth. Since there is a lack of space to fit all 32 teeth, braces are not ideal to straighten them until we remove the wisdom teeth.

Poor alignment – Sometimes, there is no enough space for additional set of molars. When such teeth come out, they can change the bite which causes misalignment. Along with additional pressure on teeth, which leads to cracked/broken teeth and pain, wisdom teeth can crook other teeth. When it is not fixed early, you might need orthodontic treatment to fix your bite and align the teeth.

Cavity buildup – Taking care of teeth at home becomes difficult due to crowding and crookedness of teeth. Lack of proper cleaning can cause decay.

Cyst buildup – Cyst is a sac of liquid which builds up next to the tooth. If it is not treated, it can damage the roots of opposite teeth and jawbone.

Gum irritation – If it becomes hard to clean the teeth, it becomes harder to clean the gums properly. Gums become tender and inflamed over time and gum disease eventually causes –

  • Bone recession
  • Tooth loss
  • Gum infections

Looking for the best wisdom tooth extraction in Jaipur?

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