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Crown and Bridges

Crown and Bridge Dentistry

A “cap” or a crown is an artificial tooth fits over the existing teeth. If you have a missing tooth or multiple teeth missing, you should go for crown and bridge dentistry in Jaipur. A bridge is another part that covers the empty space of your missing teeth in the arch. Crowns and bridges work like normal teeth. If you want to restore proper functioning of your mouth, you should choose crown and bridge dentistry. Our experienced team would provide quality care.

When do you need Crowns and Bridges?

Dr. Arvind Baweja will evaluate the bridgework and crown during the test. He would suggest restoration if one of those signs/symptoms are found –
Signs when to use crown –

  • A cracked tooth which doesn’t have any symptom
  • Patient feels sensitivity to temperature and bite force, especially the cold
  • After getting rid of deep decay, there is a lack of enough structure left for the filling
  • The patient needs or had been through a root canal treatment
  • There is a wide silver filling (amalgam) which is breaking apart in the tooth

Signs when to use bridges –

  • There is one or more teeth missing
  • There is a partial and removable denture which should be fixed permanently

Why do you need Crowns and Bridges?

Crowns and bridges are the important aspects of cosmetic dentistry. Here are some of the benefits:
Reasons to have Dental Crowns

  • To reduce sensitivity/pain due to cracked tooth
  • To keep a crack from growing and damaging the tooth nerve
  • To improve the overall look of damaged teeth or teeth having wide silver fillings
  • To improve the bite to ease or avoid pain

Reasons to have a fixed bridge

  • To have a balanced bite and reduce the risk of additional pressure on nearby teeth
  • To eat any food easily
  • To retain the overall shape of face
  • To keep teeth next to missing tooth from moving

Visit Crown and Bridge Near Me

If you are looking for the best crown and bridge treatment in Jaipur, The Dentist has the solution. Dr. Baweja is a highly experienced and professional cosmetic dentist. Feel free to schedule an appointment over WhatsApp to relieve all your anxieties and resolve all your queries about crown and bridge dentistry.

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