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Complete Denture

Complete Denture

Dentures are prosthetic appliance made of metal, plastic, or nylon to replace the missing original teeth which were lost due to aging, injury, or decaying, and to function as normal teeth. They are fit well over the gums to fix the gaps for the patient.

It is not easy to live without teeth. In addition to losing the ability to chew, patients may lose self-confidence as they look weaker and older than their counterparts in the same age group.

Also known as “full denture”, a complete denture is a removable device when all the teeth have been lost in a jaw and need prosthetic replacement. Unlike partial denture, complete denture is built when there are no teeth left. At The Dentist, you can get completely customized, well-crafted dentures to meet your facial muscle needs and improve your appearance.

When do you need Complete Denture?

When there are no teeth left in the arch and you find it hard to speak, eat food, or you are worried about your facial appearance, you should come to us for full denture. At The Dentist, we will examine your gums and supporting bone to figure out the suitability of complete dentures.

We will recommend you the right type of dentures according to the condition of bone structure covered by gums (alveolar ridges), and measurements or impressions taken to make a cast or mould.

Benefits of Complete Denture?

Eating and Chewing – It is the most important function of teeth. Replacing missing teeth help in biting and chewing properly.

Aesthetics – Teeth play a vital role in facial form, shape, structure, and overall looks of a person. Face may look sunken or drooping without teeth, this can be fixed by complete dentures.

Self-confidence – Smile is directly associated with self-confidence. People with beautiful smiles are usually more confident. Their self-confidence may be lost without teeth.

Speech – Apart from the palate and tongue, teeth also play a vital role in pronunciation of some words and speech. The speech may be affected by missing teeth. Dentures can fix speech and help you to pronounce syllables which have fricatives and sibilants.

Need Complete Dentures? Feel free to call us

Are you looking for complete dentures in Jaipur at reasonable cost? The Dentist is one-stop solution for all your dental needs. Dr. Baweja can help you throughout your treatment journey. If you wish to schedule an appointment or have queries, click on “Appointment” button now.

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