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Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry

A smile always makes first impression of yours in front of others. Cosmetic dentistry is all about looks, making teeth straighter and whiter with healthy gums that are rich in color, giving you an appealing smile. We consider your functional and cosmetic needs to give you a dazzling smile makeover.

Do you remember the last time you posed for a photo with a smile? Did you flaunt your pearly white teeth or kept them hidden? Dental implants and cosmetic dentistry are simple solutions to make you feel your best. With us, you can have the appealing smile that you deserve and you no longer need to settle for stained, crooked, or chipped teeth.

Smile Enhancement

Here, you can get your mouth’s aesthetics and functions restored. There is a need to have high level of expertise, skill, and planning to achieve the ever-lasting natural, beautiful, and functional results. We consider factors like shape of your face, age, and contour of your gums and lips when it comes to design the aesthetics for your smile. At The Dentist, we are committed to help you achieve the smile you ever wanted. We can sculpt more appealing, flawless smile by blending art and science skillfully.

Smile enhancement helps you restore your smile and functioning of your mouth. There are several benefits you can enjoy with cosmetic dentistry. We evaluate your teeth’s appearance, health, and gums and suggest the best procedure you should get. Dr Arvind Baweja uses his experience to suggest the best treatment for dull smile with crooked teeth, stains, red gums, chipped or rough shaped teeth, uneven length, gums, etc. Here are some of the procedures
covered in cosmetic dentistry –

  • Porcelain crowns
  • Porcelain and composite veneers
  • Dental implants
  • Dental fillings
  • Teeth whitening
  • Tooth restorations
  • Tooth reshaping and contouring
  • Braces
  • Dental fillings
  • Gingival prosthesis

Tooth Reshaping/Contouring

Tooth contouring or reshaping is among the few quick treatments provided as part of cosmetic dentistry. Dental contouring and reshaping corrects chipped, crooked, cracked, and even overlapping teeth.

The process of dental contouring can also replace braces in some situations. It can make subtle changes.

Teeth contouring can also fix small biting issues.
You can have a beautiful smile by having a few mm of tooth-colored laminate and reduction without any discomfort.

First of all, x-rays are taken to determine the location and size of pulp of each tooth to ensure that enough bone is left between the teeth. Teeth will be marked with a pencil before the procedure. It helps in sculpting. When sculpting the tooth, we can skillfully remove or reduce the flaws. We use a sanding drill to remove little bit of enamel eventually. Then, we remove the abrasive strips back and forth to shape the sides of teeth. Then, we will polish the tooth for finishing.

Anesthetic is not required for this procedure. You can get teeth reshaping and contouring done within 2 to 3 visits.

Composite Fillings

Resin fillings can easily replace typical metal fillings to add a natural appeal to your teeth and make them durable and strong. It is ideal procedure for cavities, mercury fillings, amalgam fillings, and broken fillings. You can get rid of amalgam or mercury fillings and replace them with more appealing colored fillings. They strengthen your teeth much better than amalgam counterparts. Composite resins can improve the overall aesthetics of your tooth as part of tooth bonding process. It will enhance and strengthen the natural structure of tooth.

Gingival prosthesis

At The Dentist, we can find the unappealing gap between your teeth which may have been affecting your smile. Corrective surgery is performed in such cases to restore lost gingiva but it is not recommended to improve prosthesis. A color matched acrylic artificial gingiva may be applied. It is easy to detach and attach prosthesis for the patient. It gives added support to tooth and improves the smile.

Schedule an appointment and take the first step to shape your smile

The Dentist is a one-stop destination for those who want to enhance their smile with cosmetic dentistry services. We provide personalized care to every patient who comes to us to get a look they have always wanted. Dr. Baweja has years of experience and knowledge in providing teeth that are close to perfection. Take a leap to improve your smile by scheduling an appointment.
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