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Clear Aligner

Clear Aligner

Clear aligners are best alternatives to braces to get your teeth straight without using wires and brackets. Clear aligners consist of clear and transparent trays that cannot be noticed by anyone. They put gentle and light forces to move teeth to their right position without any brackets or metal wires. They are customized for your mouth with modern 3D technology to adjust your teeth eventually, while wires and brackets are similar for all patients.

How Clear Aligners work?

As per the movements needed, clear aligners can be customized for every patient in order to move teeth to the intended direction. A patient needs to change aligner every week. At The Dentist, we will take digital scan of your mouth with a computer program. It will design and plan potential teeth positions and predict your smile after treatment. Number of aligners needed is up to the severity and complexity of your problem. Along with being invisible, there are several other benefits of aligners –

  • As compared to traditional braces, they take only one-third of treatment time
  • You won’t have so many food restrictions
  • You won’t have to visit too frequently
  • This treatment is practically pain-free

Care Instructions

There is nothing more comfortable than clear aligners today for your teeth. However, you need to consider certain things when going for aligner treatment –

  • You need to wear aligners at least 20 to 22 hours for best results
  • Take care of proper hygiene of clear aligners and clean up with toothpaste and brush
  • While flossing, brushing, and eating, be sure to remove your aligners. Never drink or eat anything hot while wearing it.
  • Keep aligners in their case after removing them.

What to do after getting aligners?

  • Wear retainers to avoid your teeth from shifting back to their last position.
  • Don’t consume too crunchy or too hard food for a couple of days after treatment. Let your teeth settle down before you try anything crunchy.
  • Be sure to brush two times a day and floss to keep your teeth healthy and clean.
  • You may want to see the dentist every six months to keep your smile intact.

The Dentist Jaipur is one-stop destination for your care requirements related to dentistry. We provide best treatment in Jaipur to make your smile flawless by improving facial structure and tooth alignment. Our clear aligners are completely invisible and water thin. So, you won’t feel anxious or nervous when going out and socializing.

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