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Laser Implant

Laser Implant Dentistry

At The Dentist, we are equipped with state-of-the-art “Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation (LASER)” technology for highly efficient and painless dental treatment. Dr. Arvind Baweja is a well-known implantologist, gum surgeon, orthodontist, and periodontist in Jaipur, India. He is excellent in his profession to perform complex procedures effortlessly.

Laser has become the most popular and inevitable part of any dental procedure. Laser generates an accurate beam of energy to cure various dental and oral problems. Laser sterilizes and coagulates blood vessels to avoid the risk of infection. It melts the tissue away where laser is focused, making the procedure bloodless, painless, and sterile. It reduces discomfort during the needleless procedure.

Why do you need Laser Implant Dentistry?

  • Less traumatic treatment because of no bleeding.
  • A photocoagulation cover is created after the procedure to protect the wound from microorganisms as a dressing.
  • After Stage 2 of laser implant, scalpel is not required to reopen the implant to put abutment. Scalpel is made of stainless steel and its particles can be left on the implant surface.
  • Complete accuracy can be achieved with laser implants to cause least possible damage to nearby tissues.
  • Sometimes, laser stimulates blood clotting, which may lead to minimal bleeding.
  • There is also least risk of bacterial infection post procedure as laser sterilizes the surface.
  • Sutures may not be required for wounds. Hence, overall procedure takes less time to heal.
  • There is no or minimal anesthetic required as per the choice.
  • Since soft tissue can regenerate faster, wounds heal quicker. So, patient will soon be able to use their mouth or teeth as usual.

How long does laser implant procedure take?

Usually, 15 to 30 minutes are enough for laser implant procedure. Laser is used to cut mucosa after giving local anesthesia by an implantologist. It gives best results, faster healing, less bleeding, and accurate sterility. A special device is then used to provide dental implant. Dental implant also has a titanium rod. Then the mucus covers the implant over the top and stitches are used to close it. Before permanent implant, patient has to wait 3 to 6 months after dental implant. During this period, a temporary crown is installed. The mucosa is vaporized with a laser and a crown is being installed at the same time.

At The Dentist, Dr. Arvind Baweja is an excellent dentist who specializes in laser dentistry in Jaipur. Feel free to schedule an appointment for further queries.

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