Oral Surgery
Oral Surgery
The anxiety that accompanies oral surgery is understandableespecially wisdom teeth extraction. But with our care you can rest assured of a skilled, gentle and compassionate approach. Many procedures done in a general dental office are considered oral surgery and patients that require such procedures are booked for the procedure without the inconvenience.

Tooth Extractions

The most recognized form of oral surgery is tooth extraction. Reasons for tooth extraction can range from:

  • Impacted or partially erupted wisdom teeth.
  • Teeth beyond repair either from tooth decay, root fracture, or trauma.
  • Primary teeth that have failed to fall out, preventing the eruption of permanent teeth.
Orthodontic treatment plans may require the removal of some teeth to achieve the optimum result.
Wisdom Teeth Removal:
The most common oral surgical procedure is the removal of wisdom teeth. Around our late teens or early twenties, our wisdom teeth (or third molars) begin to erupt. In many cases, however, the jaw is not large enough to accommodate them and they become impacted remaining either fully or partially under the gum. Impacted teeth can cause several further complications including infection, crowding, damage to adjacent teeth, cysts, and other diseases. It is sometimes sensible to remove problematic wisdom teeth before symptoms or complications arise. We assure that you will receive
completely pain-free experience whilst resting assured of our unique skills and set-up in this special area of dental surgery.
Corrective Jaw Surgery
 Common reasons for jaw surgery are:
  • TMJ or temporomandibular joint pain and dysfunction caused by trauma or deformation.
  • Major or minor trauma.
  • Malocclusion or incorrect bite.
  • Clenching, or grinding of the teeth causing excessive tooth wear.
  • Difficulty in chewing, eating, opening and closing the mouth, or talking.
  • Incorrect jaw position and un-proportioned facial appearance.
Implant Surgery, Gum Surgery, Bone Grafting and Sinus Surgery
See our Implants page for more information about replacing your missing or diseased teeth with dental implants.

The gum and bone around our teeth play a crucial role in the long term stability, strength, and appearance of our teeth - whether they are natural teeth or dental implants. That is why in some more advanced cases of natural tooth or implant restoration, gum surgery or bone grafting/regeneration procedures may be required to create ideal, attractive and long-lasting results.
Our special training and experience, the use the most advanced biologic materials and state of the art equipments ensure your comfort and safety. We perform our work in a conservative and comfortable way that minimizes any post-operative discomfort.
Detection and Treatment of Diseases
We are highly skilled when it comes to detecting oral cancer, as the signs of this devastating disease typically go unnoticed and are not easily detected. If we discover something suspicious in an area of the mouth, face, neck or jaw that may have an underlying problem, a biopsy may be preformed to further diagnose a possible condition. A biopsy is usually a surgical procedure that is used to remove a piece of tissue in an area of the body that is suspected as being diseased.
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