Dental Implants
Modern implant therapy

Dental implants are artificial teeth secured in the jaw that look, function and feel like natural teeth. Implants can be used to replace a single missing tooth, badly damaged teeth, unsightly and annoying partial dentures or bridgework, or for a full mouth reconstruction. Dental Implants have improved the lives of so many people – allowing them to eat, speak and smile with confidence knowing that their restorations are functional, aesthetic and secure. Implant Dentistry gives you a new lease on life.

How it works?

Implants are made from titanium, a material that is well tolerated by bone and integrates easily with bone tissue. These are anchored into a pre-drilled socket in the jaw-bone to support a crown, bridge or secure a denture firmly in place. During the placement of a dental implant the goal is to achieve a close contact between the outer surface of the implant and the surrounding bone tissue so they can "fuse" together creating a stable support for the new teeth.

Are you suitable for Implants?

There are some basic requirements in regard to suitability for implant dentistry (remove). We will need to assess your teeth, jaw structure and bone density and your desired outcome before commencing with any surgery. We will also ensure that the surrounding teeth are rehabilitated and any existing gum disease or problems are treated before implantation takes place. Important factors for long term success include the maintenance of excellent oral hygiene and regular dental check ups.

How long do Dental Implants Take to Complete?

After assessing your suitability for dental implants, we can commence implantation. This appointment may take 1 - 2 hours, depending on the difficulty of the procedure and the number of implants. Once implanted, the titanium screw/fixture is allowed to 'weld' or fuse with the surrounding bone - a process which can take 3 - 6 months. Once the implant fixture has reached a satisfactory state of fusion, a dental crown can be fitted over the implant to replace the missing tooth.

Denture stabilization and replacement with Implants

Denture stabilization with implants helps restoring chewing ability as well as preventing or reversing the long term problems of denture wear. Another option for dentures is to get rid of them altogether, replacing them with a fully fixed and beautiful smile held securely by dental implants. At ‘The Dentist’ we utilize the latest in dental implant technology to replace teeth that have been lost, either by trauma, tooth decay or gum disease. We guarantee the best success rate at competitive price.

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